Sunday, May 10, 2015

Highlights From 6 UFO Reports In Maryland Since January 2015

It has been about a year since I last updated this blog or really even visited the pages myself. That said, when I returned today I found the same thing I find all over my `State UFO' blogs.. and that is THAT MUFON REMOVES all the good pictures of ORBS (UFOs)... I vowed that in 2015 and beyond that any photos that I run in my blogs will have been downloaded to my computer first so that they can be re-used and re-found.

So, I searched MUFON and these are the highlights of @30 Maryland UFO reports, the most interesting ones, that came up since Jan. 2015.... all kinds of reports, enjoy... and why not share this with another Marylander?
Marylander's.. in comparison to some states... were ready with cameras when the anomalous happened.

It happened at 10pm-10:35pm in Olney
here's the `best photo' of those submitted IMO
Normally in these types of cases one would assume Chinese Lanterns... but this doesn't read that way - and the pictures are less consistent with lanterns than normally.
Below is an April 13th `orb' descent' caught on camera... not the first time this has been seen in Silver Spring... articulate report too
It's rare to make this orb movement capture IF it is an orb and not an RC, as is also possible and mentioned in the report too.
Like here in Parkville.... Helicopters are becoming more and more a part of the whole close up UFO experience. Much more about this at my main UFO blog UDCC - UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock - see sidebar for links to stories there.
One of many pictures submitted below of the Chester event
 UFO Orbs over Farm in Chester, MD
Certainly sounds and reads like a sincere report.
this just could be the STRANGEST of all yet mentioned - or the most mundane... a piece of trash in the air - perhaps?
articulate report... witnessed MULTIPLE days. IF you didn't believe me... here's another Helicopter Orb/UFO report.
I'm a UFO blogger with over 1400 posts... some of the best I've put into my Amazon books... e-books

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